Executive Summary

Problem Description

Present State of Knowledge

Approach and Method

Modeling and Measuring the Information City

Information and Household Mobility in Cities and Metropolitan Areas

Telecommunications, Infrastructure, and the Environment

Information and Telecommunications Technology and Inner-City Communities

Broader Impacts

Dissemination of Research




Approach and Method

We propose a program of interdisciplinary collaboration among social scientists, engineers, computer scientists, and environmental scientists to develop a conceptual model and conduct empirical studies for measuring the way in which information and telecommunications systems are influencing cities and metropolitan regions in the United States.

The project will consist of four principal work areas:

  • Research Area #1: A sustained effort to develop a conceptual model and empirical measures of telecommunications and information flow for major metropolitan regions (population in excess of one million) in the United States. Mitchell Moss, Director of NYU's Taub Urban Research Center and Bud Mishra, Professor of Computer Science at NYU's Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, will be responsible for this work.

  • Research Area #2: An analysis of the spatial distribution of professional households in cities and metropolitan areas in the United States with an emphasis on understanding the way in which education, access to home computers, and telecommunications affects the location of households in cities and metropolitan areas. This work will be conducted by New York University Professor Ingrid Ellen.

  • Research Area #3: An assessment of the long-term impact of telecommunications on the transportation infrastructure and physical environment of cities and regions. This work will be directed by New York University Professor Rae Zimmerman and a team of experts in the natural and environmental sciences as well as infrastructure engineering from ICIS.

  • Research Area #4: An evaluation of the use and impact of information technologies on the social and economic structure of inner-city communities. Steven Gregory of NYU's Departments of Anthropology and Africana Studies and Walter Stafford of NYU's Wagner School will conduct this work.


With support from the National Science Foundation, under the Urban Research Initiative
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