Executive Summary

Problem Description

Present State of Knowledge

Approach and Method

Modeling and Measuring the Information City

Information and Household Mobility in Cities and Metropolitan Areas

Telecommunications, Infrastructure, and the Environment

Information and Telecommunications Technology and Inner-City Communities

Broader Impacts

Dissemination of Research




Dissemination of Research

Dissemination of the findings of this research will build upon New York University's Taub Urban Research Center strength as a source of ideas and information about cities and metropolitan regions. The Center's research has been published in academic journals and cited in leading newspapers and periodicals, such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Business Week, The Economist, and Computerworld. Data on the urban basis of Internet domains generated by NYU's Taub Urban Research Center has been reprinted in several national periodicals. Mitchell Moss, Principal Investigator, is invited regularly to discuss urban issues for CNN, NBC-TV, ABC-TV, and National Public Radio.

Conferences sponsored by NYU's Taub Urban Research Center have been carried on C-SPAN and more recently have been broadcast live on the Internet. NYU's Taub Urban Research Center maintains an active web site (http://urban.nyu.edu) that is used to distribute research reports and publications and is also linked to other major sources of information about cities in the United States. In addition, the Taub Urban Research Center hosts a listserv devoted to telecommunications and cities that has more than 400 subscribers representing more than 40 nations.

As part of this project, NYU's Taub Urban Research Center will use telecommunications technology to convey the findings of the project as well as presentations at professional meetings and public events. The Taub Urban Research Center and ICIS will also organize workshops and conferences to convey the preliminary and final results of the research to scholars, policy makers, and civic groups. These workshops will be designed to bring together researchers from a wide range of disciplines and public officials concerned with the future of cities in the United States. In addition, all research generated by the project staff will be made electronically accessible, and we plan to establish a separate listserv to distribute preliminary findings for comments and review. The Taub Urban Research Center has a strong working relationship with the International Downtown Association, and that organization has already agreed to cosponsor a conference based on the research described in this proposal.

ICIS, as part of its mission, is developing an extensive network of contacts in the infrastructure area, including telecommunications. Moreover, education is a major goal of ICIS. Through the ICIS web site and interaction with the programs that are identified as part of its network, the results of the research will have a broad reach to the educational community.

New York University's Wagner School, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, and Faculty of Arts and Science will draw upon the findings from this project through course offerings in urban planing, computer science, anthropology, environmental and infrastructure management, and public policy. Rapid dissemination of results will be possible through both the ICIS and Taub web sites. Research results will be submitted to scholarly journals in a broad range of disciplines.


With support from the National Science Foundation, under the Urban Research Initiative
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