3-D Visualization of Internet Geography




Domain names are a good indicator of how quickly businesses in a given area have adopted the Internet. They are also one of the few available measures of Internet activity that is based on a social organizational concept (the business firm or organization) rather than a technical one (a computer or cable).

These maps illustrate this in height (number of domains)and color (density - domains per 1000 population). The data used to create these maps is from January 1999. Each patch of color represent a ZIP (postal) code area.


New York Metropolian Area

Manhattan dominates the New York metropolitan area (and arguably the 'net nation), and this is apparent as well in the distribution of Internet activity.

Additionally, the broad brown swaths of higher than average domain density conincide very closely with the limits of urbanization in the region. The green outlying, rural areas of upstate New York lack the same high propensity to register names as the more metropolitan areas.

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Finally, the core urban areas surrounding the Central Business District of Manhattan are as poorly wired as the rural hinterlands. Clearly, existing patterns of inequality in income distribution and educational opportunities are persistent in the Information City.

Los Angeles Metropolitan Area

Los Angeles, a global city like New York, shows similar patterns of Internet activity. Areas with large minority and/or immigrant populations are not developing Internet use at the same rate as other more affluent areas.

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