It's Not Only What You Inform - It's Also Where You Do It:

The Location of Production, Consumption and Contents of Web Information

February 2000

Aharon Kellerman
Vice President
Haifa University



This paper aims at an initial addressing of questions of location of supply and demand for web information, and at a discussion of possible interrelationships between location and contents. Three questions are discussed. First, is global web information produced in a completely location footloose pattern? Second, is there a relationship between centers of information production and leading areas of consumption? Third, is there any relationship between the location factors of web information production, on the one hand, and contents of web information, on the other? Crude measures of information production in U.S. cities show a concentration in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Leading areas of consumption include the Silicon Valley and various other areas of high-tech industries and universities. Information on the web is most varied, led by scientific/educational sites and sex-related ones. The specialization of urban centers of website production in finances has not led to high percentages of such sites on the web. Web information production is an independent industry driven by global demand, enjoying the expertise and experience of the hosting cities in multimedia and telecommunications. These elements may assist the centers of web production in the future in keeping at least qualitative leadership.

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