Municipal Government Online: How NYC Can Become the Internet City

May 1999

Mitchell L. Moss
Courtney Wade
Jenny Li Wong
Steve Mitra

Taub Urban Research Center
Robert F. Wager Graduate School of Public Service
New York University




New York City - a locus of creative minds and a robust public sector - should be a world leader in using the Internet to encourage citizen involvement in government, improve the productivity of City agencies, and make public events more accessible to citizens. This report compares the use of the Internet and World Wide Web by New York City with those of ten large cities in the United States, as well as other urban governments that have made an exceptional effort to offer public information and services on the World Wide Web. Based upon this comparison, New York City has much to gain by building upon the experiences of other cities. The report also includes the results of a survey of local community boards in New York City to determine the extent to which such boards use e-mail and the Internet in their activities.


This report was prepared for
the Office of the Public Advocate
of New York City and
the Accountability Project, Inc.


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