A Future Community for Working and Living

Ruben Brown
Artificial Intelligence Lab, MIT

Joseph 'Jofish' Kaye
Media Lab, MIT

Anthony Townsend
School of Architecture and Planning, MIT


NetCity is the culmination of a semester-long effort to develop new approaches for designing neighborhoods and communities in the Information Age.

The site was the proposed Telecom City, a joint effort to redevelop an old industrial tract where the three Massachusetts towns of Revere, Malden, and Everett converge.



1. Vignettes of Life in Net City
2. Lifelong Education/ Building a Skilled Workforce from Within
3. Transgenerational Issues
4. New Ways of Living and Working - Social Challenges to Implementation
5. Selling the Concept - Marketing


6. Transportation
7. Accommodating New Information and Communications Technologies
8. Technological Challenges to Implementation
9. Resource Consumption/Sustainability


10. How Spaces Change Throughout the Day
11. Meta-Architecture (DRUID)
12. Third Spaces
13. Parks and Recreation



With support from the National Science Foundation, under the Urban Research Initiative
(C) 1999, 2000, 2001 Taub Urban Research Center, New York University
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